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stablished to facilitate collaboration and enhance the flow of information among the international space research, forecast, and private sector communities interested in the study of space weather events and their impacts.

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 Lighthouse - Current Solar Wind Conditions

Click on the lighthouse for information on how the disturbance level is determined

 star What is SCOSTEP and SRAMP?

The International Space Weather Clearinghouse: A cooperative project among The Scientific Committee for Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP), Solar-Terrestrial Physics - Results, Applications, and Modeling Phase (S-RAMP) Project, The University of Michigan and the Windows to the Universe project
Please send comments to the main author: Janet Kozyra (jukozyra@engin.umich.edu)
Chairman: Hannu Koskinen, S-RAMP Space Weather Committee, (Hannu.Koskinen@fmi.fi)
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